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Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle

This dive gives those in Hayes Valley who'd rather not drop rent on a bar tab a place to go. Locals love the pool table and the foosball table, and after looking around at the well-worn couches, one may wonder, "Wait, am I in a frat house?"
The Final Final

The Final Final

Its walls covered by 49ers and Giants memorabilia, the Final Final is a solid place to kick back and watch sports in the Marina, with a crowd of regulars, sports enthusiasts, and whoever else shows up to enjoy the pool table, dartboard, and free popcorn.


With nightly DJs playing good ol' rock 'n' roll, Delirium's small, black-walled back room is one of the city's coolest places when the DJs are firing on all cylinders. And with a motto like "service for the sick," we can dig it.

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  • The Union Room at Biscuits and Blues

    The Union Room at Biscuits and Blues

    401 Mason San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-931-6012 Biscuits & Blues' upstairs cousin offers an intimate room in which to hear local songwriters and blues troubadours within shouting distance of Union Square. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Union Square Sports Bar

    Union Square Sports Bar

    115 Mason San Francisco, CA 94102

    If there's one reason why Union Square Sports Bar succeeds, it's this: it unites beers and TVs obscenely well. The sheer volume of flat screens surrounding the one-room bar might, for a moment, give you the feeling you've stepped into a TV dealership, but the neon signage and dozens of taps remind you full well you're also there to consume a cold one. Beer variety here is vast (draft, bottles, cans, domestic, imported, micro) and there's a happy hour to match ($1 off drafts and wells from 4-7 p.m. weekdays). Other good features: a pool table, internet jukebox, and hot dogs. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • University Club

    800 Powell St. San Francisco, CA 94108-2006

  • Upcider


    1160 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-931-1797 First there were upscale wine bars. Now, thanks to Upcider, there's an upscale cider bar as well. This minimally decorated second-floor drinkery has long windows overlooking the crowds on Polk Street, while the menu features rare craft ciders you may not find at other bars. If a fancy fermented apple (or pear) beverage is what you crave, this is the place for you. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Uptown Nightclub

    Uptown Nightclub

    1928 Telegraph Oakland, CA 94612
    510-451-8100 Located across from the newly renovated Fox Theater and down the street from Cafe Van Kleef, the Uptown is a cornerstone venue in the resurgent downtown Oakland music scene. The interior is split into two rooms: the main cocktail area - with high ceilings, a towering and ornate antique back bar, and rotating art displays - and the less-fancy performance area with a basic stage at the far end. A sizable patio, tucked into the concrete-and-brick urban gulch out back, gives smokers and non-smokers alike an outdoor escape from the noise within. Indie pop, punk, rockabilly, hip-hop, burlesque events, DJ nights, and other hipster-bait bookings fill the calendar most nights of the week. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Uptown

    The Uptown

    200 Capp San Francisco, CA 94110

    So you're a new hipster in town. Or you've just decided that you want to have sex with a hipster. Where should you go? Try the Uptown, particularly on Wednesdays when beer is extracheap. You'll know you've arrived when you begin to feel vaguely uncomfortable and notice all the fixies chained up, their owners puffing cigarettes outside and snubbing homeless people. Head inside, though, and the quirky tinted-red innards of Uptown and its warm weirdness welcome you to stay a while. Maybe it's the cushy old booths, or the pool table that's slightly off. All we know is that seven PBRs later, you'll be playing Simpsons pinball against some guy with big sunglasses and a pet rat on his shoulder, wondering when your Steely Dan jukebox selection will play. That is when you know you are home. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Urban Diversion Clubhouse

    1329 Columbus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133-1303

  • Urban Tavern

    Urban Tavern

    333 O'Farrell St. San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-923-4400 Calling a new restaurant a tavern when it's ensconced in the downtown Hilton is a bit of a stretch. Taverns were originally rustic drinking houses offering simple food and perhaps a bed for the night. But this is an Urban Tavern, apparent when you enter into its sleek, warmly lit space, creamy white with touches of earth-colored stone and wood. Not only is the Urban Tavern conveniently close to several of San Francisco's theater and concert venues, but its menu - which extends from the south of France into Spain - is also suitable for both full meals and grazing. The separate wine list is eclectic and interesting. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Valley Tavern

    The Valley Tavern

    4054 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94114
    415-285-0674 A woodsy little patio hidden behind the bar is a decided bonus at this Noe Valley drinking spot, which otherwise serves up standard sports bar offerings (e.g., two pool tables, lots of televisions, digital jukebox, etc.) in a setting that's a skosh fancier than your average football fan's party room. The 20 or so beer taps are usually divided among domestic and international brews, ranging from the lightweight (Pabst) to the heavy (Guinness), with a broad-minded variety in between. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Venue

    420 14th St. Oakland, CA 94612

  • Verdi Club

    Verdi Club

    2424 Mariposa San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-861-5048 Lace up your wingtips: The Verdi has survived the rise and fall of the swing fad to endure as one of the city's premier venues for live and DJed big-band dancing. Monday nights are for swing, and Thursday nights remain a favorite for tango aficionados; dinner dances take place once a month. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Vertigo


    1160 Polk San Francisco, CA 94109

    It's tough to get a bead on Vertigo's musical selections: the DJs at the ornate but unpretentious Polk Street watering hole might spin anything from Patsy Cline to DJ Shadow. Late in the evening the beats get louder, and the mixed crowd -- tourists and locals alike -- takes to the floor, enjoying grooving to pop rock, R&B, and Top 40 from the past 30 years. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Vessel


    85 Campton San Francisco, CA 94108
    415-433-8585 As you cross the velvet ropes and make your way inside, the rosewater aromatherapy sets the luxurious tone. If the atmosphere doesn't take you away, the drinks certainly will. Have the bartender whip up a champagne cocktail with St. German and a splash of gin for starters. Follow with their blueberry "lemonade" for something mellow and sweet or a mango cocktail for tartness. Vessel also doubles as an art gallery, hosting solo shows for emerging and established artists. Each show has an opening reception with a DJ, happy hour drink specials, free Mission Minis Cupcakes, and free entry. And when it's not acting as a gallery, Vessel serves up DJ nights such as "Base" on Thursdays, which pumps house music for the club's high-end clientele. One warning for the more timid patrons: the bathroom is a unisex situation. But it is kept and tidy, and after a few of those cocktails, you might shed some inhibitions. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Vesuvio Cafe

    Vesuvio Cafe

    255 Columbus San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-362-3370 You won't find too many poets holding forth at this legendary Beat Generation hangout - it's mostly just tourists nowadays - but Vesuvio still has artsy charm, history, and charisma in spades. The walls are packed with old paintings and pictures, there are plenty of angular nooks in which to sit, and there's nary a whiff of modern slickness anywhere. Stay in the downstairs bar area if you desire crowded bustle and action, but head upstairs to the balcony if you prefer conversation and/or want to read that paperback you just bought at City Lights bookstore next door. The ghosts of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Micheline, and the rest of the Beats will smile down from on high while you sip and socialize. Even if no one delivers poetic orations here anymore, the Beats' indomitable artistic spirit still lives within Vesuvio's walls. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Vice Ultra Lounge

    1251 Arroyo Walnut Creek, CA 94596

  • Victory Hall & Parlor

    360 Ritch San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Vieni Vieni Lucky Spot

    1431 Stockton St. San Francisco, CA 94133-3817

    Some websites describe this as a Russian Hill bar, but don't be fooled -- Vieni Vieni is a straight-up Chinatown dive. On weekends, its proximity to Columbus and Green Street can make it popular with North Beach partiers, however, so you should always be prepared for large crowds in a small space. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The View

    55 4th St. San Francisco, CA 94103-3156
    415-896-1600 Huge, arching, floor-to-ceiling windows give this cocktail spot at the top of the Marriott its name. It is definitely hard to beat the sights from this skyscaper vantage point -- though you will have to pay a little extra for the privilege. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Vinyl Room

    221 Park Burlingame, CA 94010

  • Vinyl Wine Bar

    359 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-621-4132 During the day, Vinyl Wine Bar operates as Cafe Divis, with Blue Bottle Coffee and panini; at night, Mark Bright and Kris Esqueda take over, sliding gauzy black curtains in front of the espresso machines and installing a bartender. It's a comfortable, pretense-free gathering point with walls painted the blue of a Jacques Cousteau documentary and chairs that could have been stolen from a dorm room lounge. Vinyl simultaneously compensates for the lack of a full kitchen and hits the indie demographic -- the kind of audiences that the wine industry itches to court -- with a rotating schedule of food trucks, beer and wine tasting events, and pizza and pasta nights. The rapidly changing schedule is posted at Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Virgil's Sea Room

    3152 Mission San Francisco, CA 94110

  • Vitus


    201 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607

  • Warfield Theatre

    Warfield Theatre

    982 Market San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-345-0900 The grande dame of San Francisco's old vaudeville scene, the Warfield has seen it all — from '30s Borscht Belt comedians to '60s hippies and whatever the 21st Century decides to offer. This two-tiered, magnificently ornate old theater is a jewel set in the center of the city's downtown crown, replete with glassy old chandeliers, gorgeous carved woodwork, and a large stage framed by heavy velvet curtains. The lobby also features dozens of iconic photos and concert posters, offering evidence of the wealth of musicians who have performed here over the years. As for the concert space itself, the most exciting action happens in the former orchestra pit section — which is now a general admission dance floor — while the best viewing options usually reside up in the reserved balcony seats. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Whiskey Thieves

    Whiskey Thieves

    839 Geary San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-409-2063 Not only is it the smallest bar in the Thieves mini-chain of local drinking establishments, but Whiskey Thieves also has the most character - a character that is entirely provided by, and dependent on, its titular selection of whiskey. From smoky single-malt Scotches and smooth Irish blends to heavy Kentucky bourbons and beyond, Whiskey Thieves loves to sling that sweet amber liquid in all its varieties. Prices are totally affordable (especially the rotating series of specials, which include a basic American beer back for about $7) and the bartenders are glad to let you sample a few tastes before choosing your final selection. Due to its downtown Tenderloin locale, however, the environment here is more young and hip than suave and cultured, so leave upscale pretensions at the door. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • White Horse Bar

    White Horse Bar

    6551 Telegraph Oakland, CA 94609

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