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Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle

This dive gives those in Hayes Valley who'd rather not drop rent on a bar tab a place to go. Locals love the pool table and the foosball table, and after looking around at the well-worn couches, one may wonder, "Wait, am I in a frat house?"
The Final Final

The Final Final

Its walls covered by 49ers and Giants memorabilia, the Final Final is a solid place to kick back and watch sports in the Marina, with a crowd of regulars, sports enthusiasts, and whoever else shows up to enjoy the pool table, dartboard, and free popcorn.


With nightly DJs playing good ol' rock 'n' roll, Delirium's small, black-walled back room is one of the city's coolest places when the DJs are firing on all cylinders. And with a motto like "service for the sick," we can dig it.

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  • 1300 on Fillmore

    1300 on Fillmore

    1300 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-771-7100 Refined New American cooking, using French techniques and Southern accents, in a comfortable dark-brown room in the revitalized Fillmore Preservation Jazz District. Occasional live jazz in the adjacent bar and lounge room (pleasantly audible in the dining room) reminds you of the street's heritage (as does a dazzling wall of photographs in the lounge), but soul food was never like this. 1300 on Fillmore has lovely desserts and a well-priced all-American wine list. Sunday brunch. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Aub Zam Zam

    Aub Zam Zam

    1633 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

    Upper Haight cocktail oasis with a Persian decor theme and famously delicious drinks. Anthony Bourdain likes it, so why shouldn't you? Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Bar Crudo

    Bar Crudo

    655 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-409-0679 Impeccably fresh seafood is served in inventive presentations at a storefront that takes the raw-bar concept to a new level. Hawaiian is accented with lemongrass, daikon, mint, and cilantro; buttery Arctic char gets a mild jolt of horseradish, tobiko, and dill. Oysters, clams, prawns, and Dungeness crab are available unadorned, and the creamy, smoky seafood chowder is perhaps the best in town. It's amazing how many people sneak out of work to get to Bar Crudo's happy hour (5-6:30 p.m.) for $1 oysters and $5 fish tacos. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Club Deluxe

    Club Deluxe

    1511 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-552-6949 The sharp retro style of this Haight Street bar brings out scenesters and locals to enjoy live jazz, comedy nights, or Vaudeville cabarets in a setting reminiscent of the Rat Pack days of yore. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Danny Coyle

    Danny Coyle's

    668 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-558-8375 A clean and spacious pub without the typical sports bar feeling, the white walls, pillar candles, and warm lighting give Danny Coyle's a craftsman feel, as if Restoration Hardware had something to do with the styling. They don't serve food, but this pub serves more higher-end brews and spirits than most traditional sports bars, boasting a full bar and Guinness, Stella Artois, and Blue Moon on tap, as well as Chimay and Duvel bottles. There are more than four TVs positioned throughout the bar, broadcasting European football (the place attracts lots of soccer lovers) or basketball (NBA or college) games, and during the fall, NFL games. However, Niners and Raiders fans beware: Danny Coyle's often screens football games from other markets, so Niners games are relegated to the back TV and the Raiders are somewhat of an afterthought. Danny Coyle's is a designated "Chargers Bar" - as in the San Diego Chargers - so when the Bolts score a touchdown, the bartender even belts the San Diego Super Chargers theme over the sound system. When it's not game night, they host Brainstormer, the trivia night emceed by Irishman Liam McAtasney. And there's a DJ on weekend nights, when the dance floor is used for booty shakin'. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Fat Angel

    Fat Angel

    1740 O'Farrell San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-690-3783 Fat Angel is a great find for a before or after drink if you're going to the Fillmore or Yoshi's. This small space a half-block off the main strip manages to pack an impressive beer and wine menu (including six beers and three wines on draft) into a space that is intimate without being cramped. The owners are usually on hand to assist with the beverage and food menus, the latter of which consists of small plates including charcuterie and artisanal butters (yes, apparently we now have artisanal butters now) made with savory bacon and sweet cinnamon. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Finnegans Wake

    Finnegans Wake

    937 Cole San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-731-6119 A hangout for Cole Valley's post-hipster denizens, Finnegans Wake is everything a neighborhood bar should be: friendly, no frills, and relaxed, with a dive-ish vibe for those who are so over irony. Seeming impossibly larger on the inside than how small it appears from the sidewalk, the bar is a dark, chill locals spot, perfect on a brisk night for cozying up in a dimly lit corner, or for those halcyon summer evenings when you want to make use of the back patio. For max-relaxing, rendezvous on that patio for free BBQ, or bring your own takeout from French bistro Zazie next door. And if the chill backyard's not enough, ping-pong, billiards, darts, and pinball should sate the gamers in your crew; dodgeball and pool leagues are open for the more athletic patrons. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Fly Bar and Restaurant

    Fly Bar and Restaurant

    762 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-931-4359 Inexpensive nouveau bar food at this fun hangout includes a great "espinaca caliente" salad starring warm spinach, bacon, roast potatoes, and feta, and several varieties of pizza (the Funky Chicken features barbecue sauce in place of tomato). There's a wide variety of beers, sangria, and a menu of sake cocktails - the Sake 5-0 consists of sake, pineapple juice, and soy milk. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge

    Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge

    1569 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

    A cozy and unpretentious local watering hole that's been at this Haight Street location for decades. The latest interior upgrade seems to have taken place in the 1970s: all the Gold Cane needs is a few ferns and some macrame and you'd feel like you're in your parents' old den -- provided your parents had a pool table and a variety of cold beer on tap. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Hearth

    4701 Geary Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94118-2908

    This convivial corner bar in the Richmond is one of a rapidly fading type, i.e., the basic neighborhood hangout. The Hearth doesn't have a contrived theme, absurd cocktail inventions, or upscale pretensions -- but it does have a pool table and all the liquor you'd possibly need for a friendly weekend session with the locals. A sign behind the bar sums it up well: "No Whiners, No Web Site, Just Booze." Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Independent

    The Independent

    628 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-771-1420 One of the best mid-size venues in the region, the Independent boasts great sound and sightlines, not to mention a diverse calendar that pulls top acts from genres including indie rock, alt-country, electronica, post-punk, funk, hip-hop, reggae, and other music from around the globe. Headlining acts often make the jump to larger, less-intimate theaters, making the Independent a great place to say you saw them when they were still playing the club circuit. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Kezar Pub and Restaurant

    Kezar Pub and Restaurant

    770 Stanyan San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-386-9292 Perhaps no bar in San Francisco has more right to hype its 49er football connection than the Kezar, located directly across the street from the original Kezar Stadium that housed the fledgling team in its earliest NFL days. Though the Niners have long since moved away, today the pub is a friendly - and often packed - sports bar with greasy eats and plenty of TVs on which to watch the game. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Mad Dog in the Fog

    Mad Dog in the Fog

    530 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-626-7279 British expats flock here for televised "football" games and pints of their favorite ale. Check out the infamous pub quiz on Thursday. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Madrone Art Bar

    Madrone Art Bar

    500 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-241-0202 Unless you're dying to catch a show at the Independent, this is the place on Divisadero to go. Everything in here is created by local artists, from the design of the space right down to the menus, while DJs spin everything from hip-hop, funk, and soul to vintage jazz and retro rock 'n' roll. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Martin Macks Restaurant and Bar

    Martin Macks Restaurant and Bar

    1568 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

    With at least 10 flat-screen TVs viewable from any seat in the house, Martin Macks accommodates all sports fanatics. Framed Haight-Ashbury Street Fair flyers hang from the wall to remind you where you are. Lit by studio lights, this is a cozy spot to enjoy a game, though it does get loud. The front section houses the main bar, and round, dark-wood tables large enough to seat eight (or possibly more) line the walls leading to the back, where a second, smaller bar and pool table sit. The drinks are standard Belgian, Irish, and Danish brews with domestic favorites such as Big Daddy IPA and Blue Moon. The fare is typical pub grub, but the standout dishes are the wood-fired pesto and potato pizza and the fluffy-topped, creamy shepherd's pie. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Milk Bar

    Milk Bar

    1840 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-387-6455 Located across the street from Amoeba Records - making it nice and convenient for music fans of all stripes - Milk has reimagined itself as the Upper Haight's primary venue for live rock, with frequent shows featuring some the best local indie bands. The front room glows with the creamy white walls one might expect from the club's name, while the rear stage area dims the atmosphere considerably with black walls and minimalist lighting. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Mini Bar

    Mini Bar

    837 Divisadero St. San Francisco, CA 94117-1505

  • Molotov


    582 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

    Punk and thrash on the jukebox. Bartenders with bullet belts and spiky hair. Cheap liquor. If this weren't San Francisco, Molotov's would be a divey, possibly frightening hangout for nihilistic drunk punks - but as it is, this surprisingly bright and clean Lower Haight bar welcomes drinkers of all types. There are soft benches along one wall and pinball machines along the other, plus a pool table in the rear. With Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag setting the scene on the speakers, life can be good - even if the bands may be singing about how much it sucks. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Murio

    Murio's Trophy Room

    1811 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

    Longtime residents of the Upper Haight probably wouldn't even recognize this previously casual and lowbrow suds joint in its new form. Gone are the unique hand-drawn caricatures of regular Murio's customers, replaced by the kind of fancy geometrical decor you'd expect more at a upmarket furniture store than a former dive bar. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Nickies


    466 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-255-0300 Something of a cross between a sports bar, gastropub, and nightclub, Nickies is a Lower Haight hangout where the dinner crowd gives way to weekend DJs spinning old-school hip-hop and the smoking crowd overflows onto the sidewalk. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Noc Noc

    Noc Noc

    557 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-861-5811 Walking into this Lower Haight hideout might make you feel like you're at a peyote party with Beetlejuice: its Tim-Burton-on-a-mescaline-bender decor and singularly surreal, cave-like ambiance make Noc Noc wholly unlike any other bar in San Francisco (or anywhere else, for that matter). Trippy custom-built furniture, walls made of fake stone, ceilings wrapped in sheets of metal, alien lighting fixtures, and electronica bleeping overhead combine to create a mood-altering environment with numerous little niches in which to get lost. Noc Noc doesn't serve liquor - only beer, wine, and sake - but its fantastically demented interior design can give you that far-out feeling even when you're totally sober. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Page

    The Page

    298 Divisadero San Francisco, CA 94117
    415-255-6101 The Haight? NoPa? Divis? Whatever you want to call this neighborhood, The Page has been its living room for years, with too-legitimately-old-to-be-"retro" furniture, plus a pool table and foosball for when you're feeling competitive. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Palmer's Tavern

    2298 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115

  • Peacock Lounge

    Peacock Lounge

    552 Haight San Francisco, CA 94117

  • Sheba Piano Lounge

    Sheba Piano Lounge

    1419 Fillmore San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-440-7414 Don't let the hokey exterior fool you, this place offers a comfortable, even classy setting in the heart of the Fillmore. Perhaps Meatless Mondays will draw you in, as all Ethiopian restaurants seem to have great vegetarian menus. This one costs more, but delivers the goods (they've even made the injera upscale), as does the cocktail list. Half the house cocktails are made with Ethiopian spiced bitters - and even the others are suitably named, such as the Abyssinian Storm (which is essentially a Dark and Stormy, but a really good one) - or you can order Tej, traditional honey wine. Note: This is not for the budget drinker. As for the piano lounge, expect a soloist early in the week, but midweek to weekend nights is when a trio completes the ambiance. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

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