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  • The Barrel House

    80 Tehama San Francisco, CA 94105

  • Bayview Opera House

    4705 Third St. San Francisco, CA 94124

  • Bazaar Cafe

    Bazaar Cafe

    5927 California San Francisco, CA 94121
    415-831-5620 No cover, tasty food, a beer and wine bar, and a hearty appreciation for the arts make Bazaar a cafe for those with taste. On warm, sunny days, be sure to head out to the verdant back patio for a seat in their lovely garden. More >>

  • Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

    Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

    1000 Great Highway San Francisco, CA 94121
    415-386-8439 The occasional jazz bands that play at the Beach Chalet may try valiantly to compete for attention with the Chalet's menu (full dinner served until 11 p.m.), handcrafted brews, and striking coastal view - but with vistas of the Pacific Ocean as epic as these, the musicians face a losing proposition. This is almost literally the last place on the West Coast to eat comforting yet contemporary New American cuisine (accent on the seafood) and sample some fine microbrews. The seaside theme is reflected in charming mermaid, seashell, and driftwood decorative accents throughout the beautifully restored dining areas. More >>

  • BeatBox

    314 11th St. San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-500-2675 This location can claim more identities than Sybil, having been called Studio Z, Fat City, Siberia, and other names over the past few years. After a brief incubation and renovation period, the name has changed once again - to BeatBox - with a newly updated interior whose boxy, brick-walled forms are reminiscent of the neighborhood's recent industrial past. More >>

  • Bench & Bar

    Bench & Bar

    510 17th St. Oakland, CA 94612
    510-444-2266 This East Bay gay hotspot has moved a few short blocks closer to the resurgent Uptown neighborhood and is now located just around the corner from the Fox Theater. DJs spin Latin, R&B, hip-hop, house, Top 40, and more dance styles in a trendy downtown setting. More >>

  • Bender


    806 S. Van Ness San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-824-1800 Sure, it burned - but a little fire can't keep rock 'n' roll down forever. With some new paint, a fresh supply of cheap beer, and a restocked jukebox blaring the scrungy S.F. bands of past & present, Bender's has resurrected itself to rock anew. Bands often prop themselves on the elevated corner steps and blast the Pabst out of your hands. The two pool tables are in constant use. And even the new paint job is finally starting to return to its faded former self. More >>

  • Berkeley Arts Festival

    2133 University Ave. Berkeley, CA 94710

  • Berkeley Community Theater

    1930 Allston Berkeley, CA 94704

  • Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

    Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

    99 Grove San Francisco, CA 94102
    510-548-3010 Imposing from the outside - but admittedly kind of meh (i.e., purely functional) on the inside - this rechristened old auditorium by City Hall is used for occasional concerts, conferences, banquets, trade shows, and political rallies. If you're stuck waiting in line, you can kill time by looking down at the sidewalk - that's where icons of San Francisco classic rock like Jerry Garcia are enshrined, Hollywood Walk of Fame-style, with memorial brass plaques. More >>

  • Bimbo

    Bimbo's 365 Club

    1025 Columbus San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-474-0365 Great sound, classy lighting, and staffers dressed like The Love Boat's Capt. Stubing come together to make this one of the city's finer concert halls. Bimbo's 365 Club is a shrine of mid-20th Century luxury, complete with multiple ornate bars and nudie oil paintings that would be the pride of any erstwhile Rat Pack member. The music programming ranges from international jazz to indie rock, plus the occasional retro dance band to confirm that Bimbo's is the perfect place for anyone who wants to know what it was like to party in the past. More >>

  • Bird & Beckett

    Bird & Beckett

    653 Chenery San Francisco, CA 94131
    415-586-3733 With a quaint performance space and lots of good reading lining the shelves -- especially if you love anything bohemian, beatnik, or bebop -- Bird & Beckett augments its calendar of literary happenings with jazz combos and acoustic music of a wide variety. Sunny outdoor seating and a relaxed atmosphere make it a cozy end point for a Sunday drive. More >>

  • Biscuits and Blues

    Biscuits and Blues

    401 Mason San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-292-2583 This nationally renowned club in the heart of the theater district offers top-drawer electric blues for the business set seven nights a week. Its posh digs don't reference the seedy jook joints of the genre's history, but the food and drinks are reasonably priced and there isn't a bad seat in the house. More >>

  • Bissap Diaspora

    3372 19th St. San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-970-0362 As one-third of the tripartite "Baobab Village" - the food and entertainment mini-neighborhood that also includes Little Baobab (located next door) and Bissap Baobab (around the corner) - the Bollyhood Cafe hosts a variety of international music events, including tango sessions, flamenco showcases, African dance nights, American jazz bands, and more. Bollywood serves a vegetarian weekend brunch: straightforward salads, seitan sandwiches, and a few signature dishes influenced by Asian preparations - like Korean-style hotcakes with vegetable tempura and black-eyed-pea fritters with peanut-coconut sauce. More >>

  • Black New World

    836 Pine Oakland, CA 94607

  • Blackthorn Tavern

    Blackthorn Tavern

    834 Irving San Francisco, CA 94122
    415-564-6627 If your idea of the rainbow's end is tipping back 20 ounces of Guinness and pining for the Irish shores, the Blackthorn Tavern is a dream come true. Its wide selection of treats on tap, along with performances by Celtic folk-rockers and cover bands, make it an emerald gem in the heart of the Sunset. More >>

  • Blank Club

    Blank Club

    44 S. Almaden San Jose, CA 95113

  • Blondie

    Blondie's Bar & No Grill

    540 Valencia San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-864-2419 With tasteful DJ residencies, sidewalk people-watching, enormous martinis, and the occasional live jazz combo, this Mission District hot spot is a must for people making the scene. More >>

  • The Blue Maguey

    590 Minnesota San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Boom Boom Room

    Boom Boom Room

    1601 Fillmore San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-673-8000 Couches and cocktails complement a blues and funk boogie, which makes shaking it on the checkerboard dance floor an old-fashioned must. Nightly, up-and-coming national acts play sweaty, steamy sets on the venue's small stage - always a rollicking time. More >>

  • Bossa Nova

    Bossa Nova

    138 Eighth St. San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-558-8004 The sultry, tropical flavors of Brazil are ably prepared and served at this stylish little SOMA hideaway. Small plates include warm, gooey cheese bread and smoky skewers of juicy ribeye with a trio of salsas. The caipirinhas need work, but the coconut flan is luscious. There's live bossa nova on Sunday and Tuesday nights. More >>

  • Bottom of the Hill

    Bottom of the Hill

    1233 17th St. San Francisco, CA 94107
    415-621-4455 This indie-slash-punk rock club is a revered local institution with all the staples you'd expect: kitschy retro decor, sticker-smothered bathrooms, and nightly entertainment that ranges from loud-as-hell to what-the-hell-was-that. A smoker's patio in back offers a welcome respite from the crowds and noise inside, or, for another form of distraction, you can scope the old event calendars from years gone by and try to count how many musicians played this small stage before moving on to huge theaters or even arenas -- you'll run out of fingers before you run out of bands. More >>

  • BrainWash Cafe & Laundromat

    BrainWash Cafe & Laundromat

    1122 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-861-3663 Torn between catching a gig and staying home to do laundry? Pack up the grundies and hit Brainwash, an enterprising cafe/laundromat/gallery/club. All-ages crowds can catch free shows across the DIY spectrum, chomp on snacks, and wash their whites - simultaneously. More >>

  • Brick & Mortar Music Hall

    Brick & Mortar Music Hall

    1710 Mission San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-800-8782 The former Coda Nightclub is back and stirring up a stew of new live music. Brick & Mortar's eclectic calendar presents funk, soul, jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical music, and more in a small, open space located on the nothernmost edge of the Mission District. More >>

  • Broadway Studios

    435 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-291-0333 When the curtain rises at this historic North Beach venue, you never know what you'll get -- it could be anything from bristling punk to brassy swing. Though the club's reputation comes mostly from Lindy-Hopping holdovers of the swing boom who populate the regular dance classes, there is a little of everything. More >>

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