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  • California Club

    1750 Clay San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-474-3516 Despite its name, the semiprivate California Club is best known as a host venue for events from a variety of international cultural groups from places such as Iceland and Poland, making it a space where almost any type of music, from classical to folk, might be played and enjoyed. More >>

  • Capurro


    498 Jefferson San Francisco, CA 94109
    866-915-7618 By Fisherman's Wharf standards, Capurro's is a bargain ― a comfortable, classy place to scarf fresh seafood without burning through a stack of traveler's checks [do people even use those anymore? dangit!]. The restaurant began wooing tourists in 1946, but remains popular with visitors. You can get your crab-filled cioppino in a bread bowl, savor oysters or steamers, and twirl some shrimp fettuccine alfredo around your fork. The oven-roasted Dungeness special is a delight when crab is in season. More >>

  • Hemlock Tavern

    Hemlock Tavern

    1131 Polk San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-923-0923 By showcasing some of the world's best underground indie-rock bands, this microvenue has quickly become one of the city's best. A crowded, clamorous bar up front - decorated with kitschy thrift-shop art, vintage beer paraphernalia, and some choice retro lamps - hides an intimate music room in back. There's also a terrarium-like smoking section off to one side, so you can get your nic fix without having to abandon your cocktail. The great (and free) jukebox selections, plus weekly punk DJs, fill out the hours when bands aren't playing. More >>

  • Le Colonial

    Le Colonial

    20 Cosmo San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-931-3600 Recalling Vietnam during the time of French colonization, the upscale Le Colonial restaurant features a gorgeous, palm tree-lined interior. It's slowly but steadily attracting special events such as the Lotus party (every Saturday night). More >>

  • Red Devil Lounge

    Red Devil Lounge

    1695 Polk San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-921-1695 A variety of independent rock bands perform in this intimate, sassy space clad in comfy booths and intricate iron chandeliers. More >>

  • The Regency Ballroom

    The Regency Ballroom

    1290 Sutter San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-673-5716 The elegant old Scottish Rite building that boasts "three separate venues" is primarily known for its Grand Ballroom, a balconied and beautiful (if not acoustically perfect) rococo room that was famous in the 1960s as the Avalon Ballroom, a hippie hotspot for iconic psychedelic groups like the Grateful Dead and Captain Beefheart. Today it hosts everything from rock bands to raves and gala celebrations. More >>

  • The Regency Center

    1290 Sutter San Francisco, CA 94109

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