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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Walking Dead, Episode 14: It's Andrea vs. The Governor. Finally!

Posted By on Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 3:20 PM

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Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead opens with a heart-warming (we're being sarcastic) camp-out featuring Andrea, Michonne, and their two armless, jawless zombies on chains. Since those pet walkers have been dead for some time, we know this is a flashback to the good ol' pre-Governor days when Andrea and Michonne were a solid unit, out in the wilds together. Andrea asks Michonne where the pet walkers came from. Michonne doesn't want to talk about it but says "They deserved what they got. They weren't human to begin with."

Talking of non-humans, when we flash to the present, the Governor is in the process of setting up medical instruments and chains in some sort of dungeon -- probably in preparation for the arrival of Michonne, whom he is trying to use as a bargaining chip with Rick. Michonne deserves nothing of the sort and the Gov's arousal at his chain set-up is next-level repulsive.

Elsewhere in Woodbury, goons are loading up trucks with an unholy amount of ammo. Andrea and Milton look concerned. Milton looks even more disgusted when he sees the Governor's "workshop". Milton's growing a spine finally! Yay! He tries to talk his old friend into backing off Team Prison and forgetting about seeking revenge over the death of the Governor's zombie child at the hands of Michonne. The Gov refuses.

Milton, in desperation, informs Andrea of the Governor's plan to get Michonne in exchange for a truce. "Rick would never agree to that," she says, and we hope she's right. Milton points out that, either way, the Governor plans to kill Team Prison regardless. Andrea is understandably aghast -- especially when Milton shows her the Gov's new torture chamber. Milton tells her to leave and go to the aid of Team Prison. "No," she says. "I have to kill him." Bet you wish you'd done it when you had the chance, eh, Andrea?

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When she briefly gets another chance, she points the gun at the Governor, only to have Milton intervene and stop her. He excuses his behavior by explaining that he knew the Gov before zombies inherited the Earth and he believes there's still good in him. Andrea decides to warn Team Prison and asks Milton to go with her. He refuses, because that spine of his hasn't fully formed yet.

On her way out of town, her gun is confiscated by one of the Gov's goons. The Governor asks her to mediate his meeting with Rick the next day, unaware of her plans to get there first. She puts on a happy face and placates him.

Meanwhile, Tyreese and Sasha are playing target practice with walkers from the top of a shed at Woodbury's border. Tyreese is a lousy shot. He also tries to stop Andrea from leaving. She threatens him with a knife and advises them to get out too. "The Governor is not what he seems," she warns, before running off into the distance on foot and unarmed.

Tyreese and Sasha immediately tell the Governor, who tells them both that she is mentally disturbed -- something backed up by the Gov's goons later on -- before taking off after her. "Let her go," pleads Milton. "She just wants to be with her people." And with that, the Governor knows that Milton has told Andrea all of his secrets, regarding Team Prison.

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Out in the woods, Andrea fights off four walkers at once. There is arm-breaking and plentiful eye-stabbing involved. It's so, so nice to have badass Andrea back again. All that love stuff with the Governor was nauseating.

Talking of nauseating, Martinez (a Gov goon) takes Tyreese and Sasha to a pit full of walkers. "Does this have something to do with the prison group?" Tyreese asks and gets an answer to the affirmative. Despite his poor treatment at the hands of Team Prison, Tyreese objects. He and Alan -- one of his own crew -- subsequently have a fist fight, broken up by Sasha. Later that night, someone returns to the spot and sets fire to all the imprisoned walkers there.

The Governor is in hot pursuit of Andrea and eventually finds her in a field. He pursues her in his truck, but she runs into the woods to get away. At dusk, she finds a warehouse to hide in, but the Governor is already lying in wait for her there. Inside the warehouse, Andrea hides while the Gov tries to talk her into going back to Woodbury with him. When she refuses to come out, he picks up a shovel and puts on his (even more) menacing face.

After using it to kill a bunch of walkers, he finally corners Andrea, who very wisely exits through one door before unleashing a hoard of zombies on the Governor by opening another. She calmly leaves the building, the Gov's cries ringing in her ears. Entirely positive that that's not the last we'll see of him though...

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He emerges sooner than we think. Just as Andrea arrives, battered, bruised and exhausted at the edge of the prison, the Governor grabs her from behind and drags her to the ground. Rick, back on form and on watchtower duty, notices some activity in the distance, but thinks he's seeing things again. Dammit!

Back at Woodbury, the Gov is informed about the barbequed biters and tells his goons to get more. He also goes to Tyreese's crew and informs them that the pit of walkers is merely a "scare tactic" to avoid another fight with Team Prison. "I'm trying to save lives here," he lies. Tyreese clearly isn't convinced by the BS, but apologizes and says he and his group want to stay. The Governor asks Tyreese where he got the gasoline to set the biters alight. Tyreese has no idea what he's talking about. It was Milton! Yes!

Let's hope he finds Andrea soon... Because the last we see of her, she's handcuffed into the Governor's torture chair. Holy shit balls, this might be the most frustrated we've ever been. Will the Governor ever stop out-smarting everyone? It's getting hard to watch.

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