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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Leftovers, Episode Four: The HBO Effect

Posted By on Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 2:00 PM

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Oh dear, it's starting. That thing that generally happens with HBO shows: Too much is happening and it's all too bizarre. Plot gets lost in a cyclone of ideas. Let's hope this is a momentary setback.

First we have Kevin's son and his charge, a pregnant chick who is enamored with the guru who disappears. This entire subplot is weak; who cares about any of them? They are roaming around hoping that their guru will call them, but on the way they run into men with no pants on who claim to be able to peer into their souls.

Then they are on a bus that nearly crashes after a UPS truck full of dead bodies capsizes and rolls all the corpses out onto to pavement. Why are so many bodies marked "Loved One" loaded up on a truck? Who knows.

The Baby Jesus is stolen from the town's nativity scene, and the chief tries to track it down. I suppose this is a metaphor for something, since we aren't sure what caused the so-called rapture on October 14, religious symbolism takes on new meaning. With Jesus gone from the manger, some folks might find the image of no baby disturbing. Never mind that it really isn't the actual Jesus anyway, just a doll. But is there really an actual Jesus anyway?

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Layers of meaning, folks.

The Guilty Remnant cult goes around breaking into houses and taking out all the pictures of Loved Ones from people's frames and walls, because nothing matters. This is also why they smoke. Life is nothing so who cares.

Kevin's wife shows up to have Liv Tyler ask him for a divorce, but since she can't say it herself he throws her out. Her daughter gives her a lighter that says "Don't Forget Me." She tosses it down a storm drain and then goes back later, alone, to try and fish it back out.

Basically any hopes I had for them doing a Lost type thing like they did last week have been dashed. I was hoping they would delve deeper into each character's past to try and flesh out the current plot. What we have now is a patchwork quilt that has yet to be assembled. Cold comfort.

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