22 Years Later, Jawbreaker Releases a Video For “Boxcar”

Jawbreaker: Adam Pfahler

For all the other, better songs they had, Jawbreaker will forever be known for the defiant anthem “Boxcar” (and its many covers). Though the song never had an official video, that changes today — 22 years later.

As the story goes, last year, the band's drummer and historical torch-carrier Adam Pfahler found a Super 8 film cartridge. Turns out that this footage was on it, and with some editing by Gillian Rude, it now serves as a video for the song.

It also serves as a time capsule for the Mission District of the early '90s, virtually unrecognizable from the neighborhood today. Between bassist Chris Bauermeister goofing off in the van and Blake Schwarzenbach dabbing something in his ears (I'm thinking hydrogen peroxide, but it could just as easily be Modelo), the more eagle-eyed viewer will note bygone institutions like the Carlos Club at Mission & 24th, as well as Hunt's Donuts, “Open 25 Hours,” which is recalled here in extensive historical detail by Erick Lyle. (Sam's Shoe Service, seen at 0:13, is miraculously still breathing.)

[jump] As for his choice of song, Pfahler notes on Facebook: “I literally just found that footage and Gillian threw it together yesterday. I could have done it for 'Kiss the Bottle' — that mighta been more apropos.”

Either way, enjoy.

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