A Fat Wreck Director Shaun Colón on His Fat Wreck Chords Documentary and How He Tripled His $7,500 Indiegogo Goal

Within 24 hours of launching an Indiegogo campaign for A Fat Wreck: The Punk-u-mentary, a documentary on San Francisco-based Fat Wreck Chords, filmmaker Shaun Colón, surpassed his $7,500 goal with cash to spare. Now, two weeks later, Colón has tripled his initial goal. The Indiegogo campaign launched Tuesday, March 25, and is live for 21 more days ending April 30.

Each week, for the next three weeks, Colón and his team plan to launch new perks in hopes of attracting fresh interest in the campaign so that they can up the production value of their film and provide better perks to donators. For instance, this week saw the announcement of an A Fat Wreck skateboard made in collaboration with Say-10 Records.

The film explores the 20 year history of Fat Wreck Chords, the influential punk label home to NOFX, Propaghandi, and Good Riddance. Colón, who plays punk music himself, works as a marketing development director for the talent development school The Septien Group, and he also runs Dang!Records. Colón took the time to speak with SF Weekly about the ethos that inspired the film, his plans to shoot at the Fat Wreck Chords offices in San Francisco, and why 40-year-old punks still go to shows.

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