All Shook Down Festival: Off to a Scrumptious Start

The Jazz Mafia All Stars

Greetings from the All Shook Down Music Festival! I come to you from Mojito on Grant Avenue, with the Rondo Brothers with the Foreign Globester serving as the perfect soundtrack as I live blog from the event. It's 2 p.m. If you're not here already, why the heck not?! The Jazz Mafia All Stars are on the main stage right now, and must have persuaded the skies to join our side today. Halfway through their set, the wind tunnel that is San Francisco gave way to perfect, warm, have-a-beer weather. The All Stars, joined by Joe Bagale on drums and vocals, know what's up:

“Hey, where are they selling beer?” the band asked, and the crowd cohesively pointed the way. “Cool. We don't drink, but we were just curious.”

With all the bars fully swinging down here in North Beach, there will be no shortage of food, fun…and drinks, if the guys happen to change their minds. Something tells us they will.

If it's humanly possibly to break away from the three cupcake providers within a three-foot radius of each other, yours truly will be checking in throughout the day to give you the latest. Seriously — get down here so I don't single-handedly eat these all. And if sparing a lonely blogger from gluttony isn't incentive enough, get down here to see the scrumptious Janelle Monae. She goes on in just two hours.


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