10 Legitimately Rad & Unique Music-Related Gifts - December 19, 2016 - SF Weekly
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10 Legitimately Rad & Unique Music-Related Gifts

Alright, so we’re admittedly a bit late to the whole holiday gift guide game. But whatever.

We’ve still got almost a week before Christmas, and it’s not like giving someone a belated holiday gift is the worst thing in the world. Plus, you’ll probably be receiving a few lazy gifts yourself, like a check or a rolled up hunnid dollar bill, that’ll be burning a hole in your pocket.

We’ve rounded up 10 very unique, rad, and inventive gifts that any music lover would enjoy, from vinyl record dividers to rap coloring books and light bulbs that change color with the music. So check it out, whether you’re thinking of buying for yourself or someone else.

  1. A portable messenger bag record player. $109
  2. Inventive vinyl jewelry. $56
  3. A retro wooden radio and CD player. $139

4. A light bulb that changes color with the music. $58

5. Mogees Vibration Music Maker Kit. $80
(Watch the video in the link to get a better idea of how cool this device is)

6. A minimalist wooden music box. $115

7. A coloring book of rappers. $9.40

8. A backpack that plays music. $599

9. Vinyl record dividers. $320

10. Hip-hop playing cards. $32