Premiere: “Closer (Lips on Tree)” by Tree Thomas

Over a chill beat, the Oakland rapper makes it clear that if you don't smoke, you don't have a future with him.

Oakland rapper Tree Thomas has a pretty interesting story.

After graduating from Portland State University in 2012, the six-foot-eight emcee moved to Malta, a small island nation off the coast of Italy, to play basketball for its national team. For two years he balled professionally, before moving back stateside to pursue a career as a rapper.

Thomas is also a proud and vocal weed smoker, as evidenced by his new single, premiered today, “Closer (Lips on Tree).”

Over a bassy melody laced with vocal chops that was produced by Bank Roll Got It, Thomas asks a woman he’s interested in if she, too, is a stoner. In fact, the question — “Girl, do you smoke?” — is so important to the rapper, that he makes it a point to ask if she lights up before he even asks her name.

Being able to enjoy marijuana with a partner is something Thomas says he “take[s] extremely serious when interested in someone.”

“If we can’t smoke together or she can’t at least roll a smokeable Backwoods for me, the chances of us getting closer or becoming anything more than friends are slim,” he says.

I can’t say I disagree with that. Cannabis is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life. So to all the stoners out there, happy 420! Today is your day. Light it up.

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