Premiere: Max Gardener’s “Lessons of a Daydream”

For a rollicking good time, listen to this San Francisco indie pop artist's new single.

Max Gardener is a 19-year-old self-proclaimed “bedroom producer” based out of San Francisco who makes jangly, surf-inspired indie pop jams. This February, he released his debut 14-track album, Memory Lounge, and on October 28, he’ll follow it up with the 7-track EP, Stirrings.

To whet our appetite for the upcoming album, Gardener has released the first official single, “Lessons of a Daydream,” which we’re premiering today on All Shook Down. Filled with funky guitar riffs, punctuating high-hats, and Gardener’s own echoey warble, the song can perhaps best be described with one word and one word only: it’s groovy as fuck.

The track’s psychedelic ’70s flair works in tandem with its underlying message that promotes the art of daydreaming, rather than writing it off as a distraction.

“It is a song for the ambitious daydreamers,” Gardener says, “those who really feel the need to keep moving and get themselves to where they want to be, while still being themselves and having a great time.”

Speaking of “having a great time,” that’s one thing you’ll get out of this track and the album as a whole. Make sure you keep an eye out for Stirrings because it’s chock-full of feel-good ditties like “Lessons of a Daydream.” And to think, Gardener is only 19 years old!


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