Premiere: “Shake Somethin'” by ymtk

Best stand up when you listen to this song, because you're def gonna want to "shake something."


WARNING: You are going to blow your speakers out listening to this new banger from Oakland’s ymtk (who dropped the phenomenal, island-inspired album All The Right Places last August). Seriously, you’ll be tempted to play “Shake Somethin'” so loud, you’ll fuck your shit up.

Premiered today, this bassy, dance-inducing track is a true club hit. And how could it not be? ymtk has already proven himself as an impresario of upbeat, catchy songs, and rappers Kool John and Mistah F.A.B. help add to the ditty’s bounce and overall energy.

I’m pretty sure nouveau-hyphy is not (yet) a subgenre, but if it were, “Shake Somethin'” would definitely fall under it. The bubbly track is part of a three-song series called “Zeeky Minaj” that ymtk and Bay Area producer Ekzakt are releasing ahead of their next project (which is currently unnamed). Other songs in the series include “Not the One,” featuring Jay Ant, and “Undivided.”

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