Will The Person Who Stole Justin Martin’s USB Drive Please Stand Up?

File this under "Lame AF."

Look at this face. Would you steal from this guy?

Around midnight on Friday, Jan. 20, at Dirtybird’s Quarterly Party at Mezzanine, Justin Martin’s USB drive was stolen. The DJ was about to start his set after a rousing hour and 15-minute long stint by his brother Christian Martin when he discovered that the hard drive was missing.

Though he didn’t make a public announcement about the theft, an attendee says he “heard it through the grapevine that it got stolen” and that “you could see that [Justin Martin] was upset.”

Indeed, Martin’s wrath is available for all to see on Twitter where he has posted numerous tweets about the theft, even going so far as to offer a $1000 reward for the missing drive.




Fellow Dirtybird DJ Worthy chipped in with the online threats.



And fans have also come to the forefront, slapping together hilarious memes on behalf of the DJ.





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