Architecture in Helsinki, The Long Blondes, Social Studies — ASD's live music picks for Friday June 15

Put down your Stop Making Sense DVD tonight: Architecture in Helsinki, 8 at Bimbo's 365 Club. $16.

“Architecture in Helsinki's music is art-pop with its heart in the early 1980s, when new wave bands countered the reductionism of punk with full-tilt eclecticism. The band can't help echoing Talking Heads, which dipped into many of the same styles, and when Mr. Bird pushed his voice into a cartoonish rasp to be answered by Kellie Sutherland belting clear melodies, there was an unmistakable echo of the B-52s.” New York Times

They're an indie band, you perv: The Long Blondes, 9 at Popscene. $12.

“Put simply, this is fantasy pop, performed to perfection. And with a music scene awash with Monkeys copyists, such gritty realism is a welcome relief. The Long Blondes have had enough of life-kicking around takeaway trays on the streets of Planet Earth. Instead, they've made a record that's in a world of its own.”

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