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    Trevor Traynor Shoots People

    The Shootist: Trevor Traynor Just as classic rock shutterbugs from Jim Marshall to Jay Blakesberg have added visual impact to that genre's iconographic landscape, so too have hip-hop's photographic chroniclers, people such as Jamal Shabazz and...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 29, 2009 @ 10:01 am
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    Zion-I Tour Hits SF on Friday

    Zumbi of Zion-I Local heroes Zion-I are currently completing a West Coast swing in support of their hot new release, The Takeover. How nice of them to stop through Slim's on Friday before continuing on to points East, including Chicago, Mich...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 29, 2009 @ 8:00 am
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    Afrolicious Turns Two

    The Mission District's favorite go-to spot for Afrobeat, Nuyorican Soul, and Baile funk celebrates its second birthday with a two-night blowout this Thursday and Friday. As the PR states, "The vision for the party was to incorporate live drums and gu...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 28, 2009 @ 11:07 am
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    Live 105 Announces BFD Lineup

    BFD 09's acts have been announced. Main stage acts include: the Offspring, 311, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Dead Confederate; the Subsonic Tent features Crystal Castles, DJ AM, Mike Relm, Steve Aoki, and more; among the Festival stage performers are Taking ...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 28, 2009 @ 11:00 am
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    I Heart Street Art: Speed Racer

    But my first thought (after OMG WTF) was who would drive such a thing? You'd have to be a superhero or some kind vigilante crime fighter at the very least. Clearly, some street artist had a similar thought, because 10 feet away, on a narrow slice of...

    @ All Shook Down by Allan Hough on April 28, 2009 @ 8:43 am
  • Dub Mission's anniversary


    Dub Mission's anniversary

    Thirteen years is an eternity in club years -- it's closer to two eternities, in fact. Yet there must be a reason DJ Sep's Dub Mission party has survived for more than a decade in its Sunday night Elbo Room residency. Perhaps it's Sep and her rotati...

    by Eric K. Arnold on September 2, 2009
  • The Sneaky Teat and Other Sucking Trends


    The Sneaky Teat and Other Sucking Trends

    It's always interesting to see what strange trends will emerge in American culture. I'm not talking about new dances, looks, or catchphrases. I'm talking about things. Every five years, a different creature becomes ubiquitous. For a while, it was th...

    by Katy St. Clair on September 2, 2009
  • Hightower



    The members of Hightower are just as likely to be found on skateboards as they are to be found onstage. The S.F. trio's Thrasher-sanctioned, hardcore-infused, and frequently instrumental brand of metal picks up right where predecessor skate punks le...

    by J. Pace on September 2, 2009
  • Cold Cave


    Cold Cave

    Nailing hardcore with Give Up the Ghost and then post-hardcore with Some Girls, the itinerant Wesley Eisold wound up in Philadelphia, where he has built his scrappy project, Cold Cave, into a proper band. Musically, he's now onto a claustrophobic ye...

    by Doug Wallen on September 2, 2009
  • Mos Def and Erykah Badu


    Mos Def and Erykah Badu

    One of this country's most politically astute rappers, New York's Mos Def often calls out society's ills, but his latest album, The Ecstatic, brings out his most optimistic sounds for a new era of Obama hope. Dallas-based Erykah Badu, an old soul wi...

    by Tamara Palmer on September 2, 2009
  • Mew



    Iceland is the undisputed capital of music for the spirit world. But Denmark, home of Hans Christian Andersen and fairy tales aplenty, has a contender in Mew. The trio's indie-prog-pop songs are deeply imbued with transformative moments, and an abil...

    by Tony Ware on September 2, 2009
  • Local tech companies remove the music middleman


    Local tech companies remove the music middleman

    Chicken Little would have plenty to scream about if she were watching the recent trajectory of the music business. CD sales have dropped off precipitously as the ease of downloading or copying music for free has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, monolithic ma...

    by Ezra Gale on September 2, 2009
  • Games Beatles fans play: The Fab Fourís amusement oeuvre


    Games Beatles fans play: The Fab Fours amusement oeuvre

    Future civilizations will look back and marvel at the phenomenon we call "the Beatles," not so much for the music as for the number of ways their tunes have been repackaged and resold to an ever-hungry audience. With The Beatles: Rock Band, out Sept...

    by Andrew Stout on September 2, 2009
  • The buzz, the truth, and the Mannequin Men


    The buzz, the truth, and the Mannequin Men

    A few words about that immovable object of the music biz, the industry hype machine. On the grassroots level, it is perpetrated by the entertainment writer, the most lazy and unimaginative of all cultural charlatans. Thus, the epithets that are firs...

    by John O'Neill on September 2, 2009
  • Lonesome pedal-steel hero Joe Goldmark carries a twang torch


    Lonesome pedal-steel hero Joe Goldmark carries a twang torch

    The Riptide's signature brick fireplace was veiled behind red velvet curtains on a recent Sunday night, but the Outer Sunset dive still carried the strong scent of burning embers from the night before. Most days the Taraval Street bar is the stampin...

    by Jennifer Maerz on September 2, 2009
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    DJ Paul van Dyk Announces Cow Palace Show, iPhone App

    Berlin-based DJ Paul van Dyk has just announced an appearance at the Cow Palace May 23, as part of the ETD POP festival, an electronic music extravaganza (okay, it's a rave) sponsored by Skills Workshop, expected to draw 10,000 people to the same ve...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 27, 2009 @ 11:53 am
  • Article

    Cov Records Makes Earth Day Crowd Cringe

    Turf Unity? Earth Day is supposed to be a day of getting closer to nature, honoring ecology, respecting the planet and each other. But a crowd of community members--many of them parents with children attending this year's Earth Day celebratio...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 27, 2009 @ 11:24 am
  • Article

    Eight Drinks That Give You the Energy of a Rapper

    Click here for a full rapper energy drink slideshow. Even with all the vibrant energy contained in hip-hop, sometimes people need an extra little kick in order to take in the multitude of offerings the culture has to give. That's why rap-branded ...

    @ All Shook Down by Tamara Palmer on April 27, 2009 @ 9:52 am
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    Eight Music Festivals To Check Out This Spring/Summer

    1. High Sierra Music Festival, July 2-5, Quincy, CA Planted firmly in the scenic Sierra Mountains for 18 years, High Sierra features a diverse range of artists, including DeVotchKa, The Wailers, Ani DiFranco, Leftover Salmon, and Vieux Farka Toure....

    @ All Shook Down by Ariel Schwartz on April 24, 2009 @ 3:23 pm
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    Jahi Releases George Benson Tribute Album

    Psst...hey kids, want to hear something dope? Well, Oakland rapper Jahi and producer Big Tunes have completed their latest project, a tribute to master jazz guitarist George Benson entitled George and I . The album, which also features guest spots fr...

    @ All Shook Down by Eric Arnold on April 24, 2009 @ 1:42 pm
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