Behind the Beat with Shane King and Eric Kozak

L to R: Shane King and Eric Kozak

Aside from the fact that Shane King and Eric Kozak (of White Girl Lust) have been around San Francisco for ages DJing, promoting parties, and just being general badasses, they need little introduction because it's all within this special double-helping interview for Behind the Beat. The two have convened on a new endeavor of joint event planning, which will jump off tonight at Mezzanine, and put together a joint mix to get you stoked on the occasion. We've included the collaborative DJ set, along with the length interview, below.

Let's start with introductions. Tell us who you are, and what exactly it is that you do around SF.

Eric of WGL: White Girl Lust is firstly a duo (myself and Clayton) of producers, secondly DJs, and thirdly label owners and managers of Solid Bump Records. Basically, we make and cultivate good dance music that is usually house vibes with a really memorable sound. Our label has been coined the “go-to for disco house,” although in the coming months we hope to show we're not ones to get stuck in one sound. Basically, we strive to make dance records you can put on 10 years from now and still enjoy. That is something that is rare in this “turn-and-burn” blog mentality of the last five years.

Shane King: I DJ and operate a promotions company called Hacksaw Entertainment with George Sylvain. We try and bring out interesting electronic music to SF whenever possible. The sort of acts we've worked with in the past year have been as varied as Chromeo, Neon Indian, Jack Beats, Dam-Funk, and Buraka Som Sistema. to name a few. Our intention has been to create as memorable an experience for everyone involved as possible–from the audience, to the act, to the venue.

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