Beyonce Gets Fierce Tonight at Oracle Arena

Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce

Call her the black Madonna if you must, but there's no escaping the fact that Beyonce–Thierry Mugler breastplate and all–Knowles has become a gay icon. That implies a certain amount of camp, and while Ms. Bootylicious is less ironic an artist than, say, Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears, it's probably safe to say that the only heterosexual males attending tonight's show at Oracle Arena will be poor unfortunate souls dragged there by their girlfriends.

Still, Beyonce's “I Am…” tour should be quite the spectacle, with plenty of eye candy, costume changes, and dazzling choreography. If you've got $240 to spend for a main floor ticket, by all means, get fierce with it (on a budget? Nosebleed seats in the upper deck are a reasonable $20). Ticket info is here .

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