Bright Eyes: Show Preview

Bright Eyes

Two words: Conor Oberst. We'd put money on the fact that a whole bunch of people reading this just swooned at the mere sight of his name, because the Bright Eyes frontman has enjoyed (and at times suffered) a near-obsessive following for more tha a decade now. But the boy-faced Oberst — once known as an extremely emotional artist, prone to drinking absurd amounts of wine onstage — is now every inch the seasoned professional, thanks to a long-term dedication to his craft and the road. His original Omaha trio is here in support of its seventh full-length, The People's Key, which — if we're to believe what Oberst told Rolling Stone in 2009 — could well be the band's last. His songs remain as stirring as ever, so pat yourself on the back if you got tickets early.

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