Calling All Stencil Artists

For stencil art, the barriers to entry are low: You have to remember to punch out your stencils, you can't use paint the same color as the sidewalk, and you have to make sure that the nozzle of your spray can, when you press it, is not pointing at your face. A good idea is secondary, since nobody is going to seriously critique what you've done to your little square of urban concrete, other to note that it exists. But if you do happen to have a good idea, the Space Gallery wants to bring you off the streets. They've put out an open call for submissions for the upcoming exhibit “Stickers and Stencils,” hoping to cover their walls by the June 22 opening. Stencil artists need to RSVP ( to get a slot for the June 19-20 painting times, while sticker artists can simply send in their stuff. If you want to see your work alongside that of Stickyricks, Buff Monster, Robbie Conal, Robots Will Kill, AKO, Erick Inkster, and Blurby, get busy with your X-Acto or, even better, Photoshop. Remember, this isn't photorealism: Once you've called yourself a stencil artist, half the battle is won. —Michael Leaverton

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