Chron Clueless About the Current State of Radio

Radio GaGa? No

Interesting article on Bay Area radio Music Directors in today's Chron. When I say interesting, it's because the information presented runs counter not only to what's currently happening with the commercial radio industry, but is written in such a way to suggest that writer Aidin Vaziri is completely clueless to this discrepancy.

In fact, this article is more notable for what it doesn't tell you than what it does: it doesn't mention that most, if not all MDs on Clear Channel stations actually don't have much leeway in terms of playing records, due to the practice known as “music tracking.” Instead, WYLD/STAR MD Travis Loughran is quoted as saying “we play what we want, whenever we want. There are no limitations.”


A quick glance at the WYLD 94 playlist tells a different story, however. Looking at WYLD's Top 20, I wouldn't exactly call playing songs by mainstream acts like Black-Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Pitbull, Beyonce, and the Pussycat Dolls as being without “limitations.” There's also a certain monotony to having three songs by Lady Gaga and two by Keri Hilton in the Top 20, though to its credit, LMFAO's “I'm In the Bay, Trick” clocks in at #4.

Moving over to STAR's Top 20, we find such exciting and groundbreaking new artists as Miley Cyrus, Jason Mraz, Rob Thomas, Nickleback, Kelly Clarkson, and Coldplay – plus two songs apiece by Pink and Lady Gaga. Ho hummmm.

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