San Diego’s Earthless showed no sympathy for the drummer’s overloaded cardiovascular system at Saturday night’s Rickshaw show. Stickman Mario Rubalcaba got the type of tendon-burning, sweat-pouring upper body work out most folks pay personal trainers good amounts of cash to produce. In a non-stop set that lasted what, 45 minutes? An hour? Time is but gooey mud in the hands of bands like these … Rubalcaba didn’t take a single break, replacing lost fluids with a beer with one hand while keeping the beats heavy and steady with the other. The guy’s done time in legendary alt- and art-rock acts like Hot Snakes, Rocket From the Crypt, and Clikatat Ikatowi, and here he leads two long-haired psych-noodlers in storm gales of non-stop rock. Live, Earthless keep you under the spell by throwing out set breaks, taking revelers back to the days of Hawkwind and evil hippies. Between Earthless and Melvins/Big Business basher Coady Willis, Southern California definitely has a stronghold on super-charged drummer talent these days. —By Jennifer Maerz

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