Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Masonic

(Courtesy of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

When it comes to exuding rock ‘n’ roll, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club might just take the cake. There’s its name, which conjures images of James Dean riding through the desert flanked by the Hell’s Angels. There’s the band’s longstanding penchant for leather jackets, arguably the official uniform of the genre. And then there’s the music: hard, pounding rock songs with psychedelic sensibilities and fierce guitar licks indebted to Led Zeppelin, George Harrison’s solo work, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Though the trio is reportedly recording new material, it has been three long years since its most recent album, the pummeling Specter at the Feast, hit shelves. The delay, however, is not exactly the band’s fault: An unexpected diagnosis of Chiari malformations sidelined drummer Leah Shapiro, who endured invasive brain surgery in 2014 and spent months in recovery. Now she’s back behind the kit and pounding harder than ever, because what’s more rock ‘n’ roll than telling a severe brain condition to suck it?

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