Bon Iver @ The Fox Theater

(Cameron Wittig & Crystal Quinn)

When indie-folk quintet Bon Iver came out with its debut single in 2007, it confused a helluva lot of people. Entitled “Skinny Love,” many people, including myself, mistook the song for an ode to eating disorders and starvation. Turns out we were wrong: The stripped-down acoustic guitar ballad is actually about a relationship between two lovers, not one person and their food. On the cusp of October, Bon Iver released its third album, 22, A Million, proving once again that the band knows how to come up with some pretty weird song names. This time around, it decided to use numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols for titles, and only six of the album’s 10 tracks have full, albeit nonsensical, words in them — like “10 dEAThbREasT,” “33 ‘GOD,’ ” and “29 #Strafford APTS.” Though slightly more electronic and experimental than its predecessors, 22, A Million is still rooted in folk, featuring swirling instrumentals and loads of background harmonies. It’s hard to say what’s next from this verbally eccentric band, but here’s hoping that someday it comes out with a counterpart to “Skinny Love,” called “Chubby Love.”

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