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Crystal Fighters is a cool band name and all, but the quintet should have called themselves Mind Fuck. Why? Because it’s really difficult to figure out what you’re hearing in their music. Equal parts dance, folk, experimental, and rock, the London band concocts music using a range of sounds culled from the likes of electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and traditional Spanish and European string and wind instruments, such as the txalaparta, danbolin, and txistu. It makes for a heady mix, but somehow Crystal Fighters manages to pull it off, churning out albums that blend disparate-sounding songs into one seamless whole. They also seem pretty thoughtful. In response to the death of former drummer Andrea Marongiu, the band recorded the song “Lay Low,” an upbeat, harmony-filled guitar number that appears as the last track on their 2016 album, Everything Is My Family.

Crystal Fighters
At 8:30 p.m., Monday, March 27, at Mezzanine. $22;

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