Catch Kate Tempest

at Slim's

(Courtesy of Kate Tempest)

Kate Tempest is probably the last person you’d expect to be a rapper. A petite redhead with tumbling curls and a cherubic face, the 31-year-old Brit possesses a nimble, androgynous voice that she bends and contorts with surprising rapidity. Her last album, Let Them Eat Chaos, is her strongest yet, featuring richly detailed narrative stories about a rotating cast of fictional characters. It’s an unusual record, especially for hip-hop, but it makes sense given Tempest’s background in theater and poetry. She’s published plays and poems, won multiple poetry slams, and nabbed accolades and awards, like the Ted Hughes Award. It’s clear there’s as much going on in Tempest’s music as there is in her mind.

Kate Tempest
At 9 p.m., Friday, March 24, at Slim’s. $16;

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