Catch Vallis Alps

at the Independent

(Photo by Sean Walker)

“And I realized / This is paradise / Almost paradise / Here in paradise,” Vallis Alps vocalist Parissa Tosif murmurs in the hook to “Fading,” the first single off their upcoming EP Fable. And you know what? She’s right. I mean, I’ve never been to “paradise,” but if I had to venture a guess as to what it would sound like, “Fading” wouldn’t fall too far from the tree. With intertwining piano and synth melodies, “Fading” is a shimmery, sun-dappled, and tropical-flecked ditty that is a perfect example of EDM done well.

Not that the Australian duo makes typical EDM — far from it. While their stuff is electronic and will make you want to dance, it’s more soporific than hyper, and the transitions are more beveled than you’d expect in a typical EDM track. So if you’re into, say, Jax Jones, you might find yourself yawning a bit, but if you’re into more subtle dance music — think fellow Aussie acts Kllo and Flume — then Vallis Alps is right up your alley.

Vallis Alps

With Matt Maeson, at 8 p.m., Tuesday, March 7, at the Independent. $13-$15;

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