Charlotte Day Wilson @ The Fox Theater

(Photo courtesy of the artist)

Like an overturned jar of molasses, Charlotte Day Wilson’s thick, low voice drips slowly and languidly onto the bed of woozy, slow-burning melodies that she so often uses as a foundation in her songs. In fact, it’s Wilson’s voice — which sounds similar to that of Mike Milosh, the singer of the R&B duo Rhye, who is also from Canada — that is the most memorable part of the 23-year-old’s smoldering jams, but it’s by no means her only skill. Her debut EP, CDW, which came out Aug. 26, is largely self-produced by Wilson, who, in addition to being a classically trained vocalist, is also a skilled saxophonist. The six tracks on the record range from crepuscular pop tunes to foggy soul renditions to sparkling R&B ditties that are each coated with an other-worldly, spectral shimmer. Wilson’s songs are not religious, but there’s a sonic spirituality to them that will make you want to worship something, be it Wilson or her music.

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