Dorothy @ Bottom of the Hill

Dorothy (Credit: Danielle Defoe)

Three years after forming and one year after opening for R&B singer Miguel, the Los Angeles bluesy rock quartet Dorothy has hit the road for its first national headlining tour. Backed by singer Dorothy Martin’s raw, throaty vocals, the band revels in concocting clamorous, hard-edged rockers coated with a Southern twang and greasy guitar chords. With a sound not unlike the White Stripes or the Kills, Dorothy’s riotous, feverish tunes have landed in a number of commercials for companies like Levi’s and Gatorade. One single, “Get Up,” whose track art depicts a red-lipped Martin licking a pair of sharp-edged, steel scissors, was used in the promos for Season 32 of the extremist reality TV show Survivor. The only surprising thing about Dorothy? The unequivocally confident and badass Martin used to have stage fright, telling LAWeekly in 2014 that “it was a long journey to get over the stage fright and find who I was.”

Dorothy with the Georgia Flood and the Go Ahead, at 9 p.m., Friday, Jan. 13, at Bottom of the Hill. $12.50-$15;

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