Elvis Depressedly @ Swedish American Hall

(Wendy Stumman)

Mathew Lee Cothran is a busy man. Since 2011, he has divided his time between his solo project, Coma Cinema, which made him an underground hero, and his other band, Elvis Depressedly, both of which come loaded with Cothran’s cynical dark humor. The very much alive songwriter titled Coma Cinema’s 2013 record Posthumous Release, and he introduced the world to Elvis Depressedly by self-releasing an EP called Save The Planet Kill Yourself. Feel free to accuse him and bandmate Delaney Mills of being fatalists, nihilists, or just plain apathetic, but there’s something tender and deeply felt in their indie-pop lamentations. The duo describes their critically acclaimed third album, New Alhambra, as “an end times prophecy,” filling it with orchestral cuts like the gently self-deprecating track “no more sad songs” and the synth-sweetened “bruises (amethyst).” Basically, if you’re out here slogging through the trenches of day-to-day reality, you’ll connect with the band’s less-than-optimistic message.

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