Erykah Badu @ the Warfield

Tyrone. Bag ladies. Appletrees. And phones. These are just a few of the many tropes that come to mind when I think of the neo-soul songstress Erykah Badu. Why is this important? Because it shows just how indelible Badu’s songs are. For 22 years, ever since she opened a show for D’Angelo in Dallas, Badu has been making slinky, smoky, and sassy R&B jams that have proven time and again that they can withstand the decades. Her most recent “mixtape,” But You Caint Use My Phone, is her most modern effort yet, poking fun at the many pitfalls that owning smartphones create, especially in relationships, which is a favorite topic of Badu’s. With five studio albums, one live album, and two mixtapes, chances are slim that you’ll run out of Badu material to listen to any time soon. But if you do, good luck finding anyone who sounds even slightly like her.

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