France’s Latest Electronic Music Export

Catch Petit Biscuit at Rickshaw Stop on Friday, April 14.

(Courtesy of Petit Biscuit)

Translated from French, “petit biscuit” means “small cookie.” When used as the name for a 17-year-old producer, it’s kind of adorable. That’s what electronic musician Mehdi Benjelloun decided to call himself when he put his indie band, Mount Dreams, on hold to focus on a solo project creating minimal dance music.

With but one five-track, self-titled EP released, the word has yet to get out about the up-and-coming artist who has done surprisingly few interviews (because he’s still working on his English). Fortunately, there are no language barriers in music (and no words in his songs), so it’s easy to pick up on the serene, meditative vibes of his deceptively complex tunes.

Perhaps his strongest work is “Memories,” a 2015 cut that blends female vocal chops, twinkling keyboards, and swells of guitar with the deft deliberateness of a neurosurgeon.

Petit Biscuit
At 8:30 p.m., Friday, April 14, at Rickshaw Stop. $15-$17;

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