Get Emo AF With SOHN

Catch him at Regency Ballroom on Wednesday, April 12.

(Photo by Phil Knott)

Dabbling in the moody confines of “alt R&B” — better known as “hipster R&B” or “PBR&B” — Christopher Taylor, the artist behind SOHN, makes brooding electro-tinged ditties that cover topics like loss, regret, fear, faith, and loneliness. One particularly memorable track is “The Wheel,” an echo-laden, chopped-and-screwed number from his 2014 debut album, that starts with the lines, “I died last week / There’s nothing left.”

Before SOHN, Taylor was known as Trouble Over Tokyo, a markedly more-upbeat indie-pop act laced with Taylor’s peppy falsetto. But now that’s in the past, and since 2012, Taylor has churned out beautiful doom-and-gloom masterpieces that will make eyes tear and hearts shatter.

At 7:30, Wednesday, April 12, at Regency Ballroom. $23;

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