Gringo Star @ Rickshaw Stop

(Courtesy of the artist)

Gringo Star is like the Growlers, if the Growlers were raised in the heart of the South rather than in the suburbs of Orange County. Led by brothers Nick and Peter Furgiuele, Gringo Star mesh rock’s current sonic zeitgeist (read: jangly surf riffs) with their own fine-tuned pop and blues sensibilities. The foursome’s Atlanta roots bleed through their straightforward blues-rock sound (which, to be fair, is partially indebted to a very un-Southern rock band, The Kinks), manifesting in Buddy Holly guitar flair and music videos acknowledging the lasting damage wreaked by Hurricane Katrina. The band’s infectious take on Southern indie aligns them with The Black Lips and The Coathangers, fellow Atlantans working to re-establish their scene’s nationwide reputation. This probably isn’t what Trump voters meant when they said the South will rise again, but it’s definitely the best possible outcome.

Gringo Star with Night School and Electric Magpie at 8 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 22, at Rickshaw Stop. $10-12;

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