Homeshake @ Rickshaw Stop

(Courtesy of Homeshake)

If you’re getting Mac DeMarco vibes from Homeshake’s music, then you’ve got a good ear. A former member of DeMarco’s touring band, Homeshake — whose real name is Peter Sagar — makes the kind of laid-back pop that DeMarco is now synonymous with, only Sagar’s interpretation is far groovier. The Montreal songwriter quit touring to focus on his own projects, churning out the utterly charming Midnight Snack in 2015. Sagar meanders nowhere in particular on the record, blending drifting guitar lines, squelchy synths, and smooth rhythms that wouldn’t feel out of place on an R. Kelly track. The album’s funk and house influences provide his drowsy rock with a much-needed shot in the arm, meaning he’s not just another boy strumming away in his bedroom from beneath a thrift store baseball cap. Sorry, Americans, but it seems like there’s something in the Canadian water.

With Jerry Paper and Healing Potpourri at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23, at Rickshaw Stop. $12,


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