The Julie Ruin @ The Fillmore

Shervin Lainez

You just can’t keep a badass Riot grrrl down. Kathleen Hanna — for all her years-long struggles with Lyme disease and haters — is still writing, recording, performing, and kicking the crap out of the patriarchy. With Bikini Kill and Le Tigre positioned in her rearview mirror, she’s blazing a new trail forward as frontwoman of the New York City five-piece The Julie Ruin. The band’s emphasis on overtly and unapologetic feminist themes is as needed today as it was in the early ’90s, but Hanna’s girls-to-the-front message has been updated for contemporary audiences. “I’m Done” might be one of her best kiss-offs ever, as she loses patience with the jerks “writing dumb comments on an internet thread” over a bouncy synth line and zippy guitar. Bikini Kill and the initial movement she spearheaded might be long finished, but Hanna is back to remind us that a Riot grrrl’s place is still — and always — in the front of the stage.

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