Kirko Bangz @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall

(Magic Rabbit Productions/Flickr)

Houston-born rapper Kirko Bangz has a “thang” for misspelling and making up words. In addition to his name (Bangz?), this penchant extends to his music, as evidenced by the title of his very first single, “What Yo Name Iz?” Since then, he’s dropped more bizarrely named songs, like “Negus,” “Keep It Trill,” and “Work Sum’n.” If none of those rings a bell, maybe his breakout hit, 2011’s “Drank In My Cup,” does. Over a relaxed, mid-pace melody sprinkled with sugary synths and undulating drums, the 27-year-old rapper, who possesses a pinched, nasally voice, sings about purple drank, the infamous codeine-promethazine-and-Sprite cocktail that H-Town’s DJ Screw popularized in the ’80s. The track peaked at No. 28 on Billboard‘s Hot 100, and to date, even though Bangz has collaborated with the likes of Fetty Wap, August Alsina, and E-40, he has yet to reach those same heights with another song. But Bangz is still relatively young, and his debut album, Back Flosin’, just came out in August. If you’re a die-hard Bangz fan, you can shell out an extra $40 to attend the artist’s post-show meet-and-greet, too.

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