Living Legends @ the Regency Ballroom - December 1, 2016 - SF Weekly
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Living Legends @ the Regency Ballroom

Naming your band “Living Legends” is a pretty braggadocious move, but after four albums and almost three decades of making music, this independent rap crew from Los Angeles has earned the moniker. Specializing in cerebral hip-hop with touches of live instrumentation, Living Legends got its start as a duo in the early 1990s, operating under the name Mystik Journeyman. By the middle of the decade, the crew was known for throwing “Underground Survivors” parties at their loft on San Leandro Street in East Oakland, and they cultivated their fan base by hand-selling copies of their music on the streets. At one point, the now-six-member group included the rappers Murs and The Grouch, both of whom left Living Legends in 2012 to pursue solo work, but are scheduled to make an appearance at Tuesday’s show at the Regency Ballroom.