MadeinTYO @ The UC Theatre

Filthy McDave

Skrt skrt! Atlanta-based rapper MadeinTYO might not be the first performer to imitate the sound of a car breaking to a halt, but he has definitely made it his own. Though his beats are rooted in trap — featuring sub basslines and layered synthesizers — he stands out from other ATL rappers for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that he’s not even from the Peach State. An army brat, MadeinTYO grew up in Hawaii before moving to California, Virginia, and Texas, and eventually settling in Tokyo for five years (hence, the “TYO” in his name). His debut single, “Uber Everywhere,” released in February, is not as light and fluffy as its title may suggest, with lyrics about “sucking dick” and missed calls from exes over a punchy instrumental. It peaked at No. 51 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 and has since been followed up with the mixtape You Are Forgiven. Unfortunately, his music isn’t as worldly as he is, but there is a definite laidback West Coast vibe to his flow, and he’s not making the stereotypical strip-club bangers that so often come out of the A. His is music for bumping in the car, be it your own or an Uber.

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