Majid Jordan @ the Regency Ballroom

(Norman Wong)

With their deep house beats, crooning falsettos, and lo-fi production, the Toronto duo Majid Jordan makes crossover records that are firmly, and almost always, rooted in the subject of love. Like fellow Canadian Drake, to whose label, OVO Sound, they are signed, Majid Jordan — which consists of producer Jordan Ullman and singer Majid Al Maskati — can’t seem to get enough of the four-letter word. They’ve got songs about memories of old flings, questioning the genuity of one’s love, the unraveling of relationships, meeting someone new, falling back into love, and the list goes on. Their production doesn’t differ very much from song to song either. Laidback, chill, and glitchy, they veer toward R&B palettes with techno flourishes like burbling bass and buzzy 808s. Listen to their 2016 self-titled debut album and you might have trouble identifying one song from another because, with their similar instrumentation and subject matters, they all start to blend together after a while. For a hype record, this album would be a shitty choice, but if you’re playing it in the background while hooking up with someone, it’ll do the job.

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