Max Gardener @ Rickshaw Stop

(Courtesy of the artist)

The future of San Francisco’s music scene looks bright if we have 19-year-old Max Gardener to base it off of. A bedroom pop artist in the best of ways, Gardener makes breezy, mid-tempo tunes that could be classified under a number of different sub-genres, like surf rock, dream pop, indie rock, and synth pop. The singer’s most recent release, 2016’s Stirrings, pairs his raspy, lo-fi vocals with zippy synths and jangly chords, and there’s a carefree, sunny vibe to the album that will make you long for the days of summer. The Long Beach native will open for the also-local-but-slightly-more-famous bands Hot Flash Heat Wave and Tino Drima, who, as their names suggest, have a knack for clever wordplay and just rocking out in general.

Max Gardener with Hot Flash Heat Wave and Tino Drima, at 8:30 p.m., at Rickshaw Stop. $10;

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