Michl @ Rickshaw Stop

Intrigue can be both annoying and interesting, especially when it comes to musicians. Tell fans nothing about yourself or your life and they’ll either love you or hate you for it. Such is the case with Michl, a youngish electronic-pop singer from somewhere in California who only started releasing music, at least under his current name, at the end of last year. Hell, even his press photos are blurred in the face, which just goes to show you how uninterested he is in being anything more than an enigma. In a post on Facebook, Michl described his debut self-titled album, which dropped in August, as being “three years in the making” and containing “personal stories.” Of course, what those stories are is not exactly clear because even though Michl posts his lyrics on SoundCloud, they’re too vague and poetic to be interpreted literally. But whatever: If you like an artist’s music, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about them. Mystery man though he may be, Michl possesses a crystalline falsetto and a penchant for sweeping, grandiose soundscapes that lend an inescapable air of melancholy and wistfulness to the music. It’s clear the guy has a lot of emotions, but exactly what those emotions are or from where they stem has yet to be revealed.

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