Natasha Kmeto @ Swedish American Hall


As a producer, Natasha Kmeto is an anomaly. Not only is she female, but she’s openly gay. And, as if that doesn’t make her unique enough, she also does all her own vocals, a rarity in the world of electronic music, where male producers often get accolades for songs that have hooks from female singers who rarely, if ever, get credited for their contributions. In her most recent album, 2015’s Inevitable, brooding basslines, glitchy effects, trippy reverb, and aquatic-sounding synths are packaged into dance-inducing songs that meld seamlessly with Kmeto’s thick, muscular voice. It’s one of those records that has so many strong numbers that it’s hard to choose a best, but there are a few tracks that stand out more than others. “I Thought You Had a Boyfriend” is a slow-building number laced with deep, buzzing bass that escalates gradually into a full-on tidal wave of noise (and surprise, as Kmeto discovers the girl she likes is not as straight as she thought she was). In album opener “Inevitable,” a throbbing bassline holds the track together, as the melody unravels from subdued to histrionic, and in “Peak,” tinkling bells and claps sound in tandem with Kmeto’s plaintive singing.

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