Nicolas Jaar @ The UC Theatre

(Callie Barlow)

You might recognize the composer and producer Nicolas Jaar as one-half of the experimental electronic act Darkside. Or perhaps you know of him from the various 12-inch dance EPs he dropped between 2008 and 2011. Maybe you heard tales of his fabled five-hour improvised set at PS1 in Queens in 2012. Then again, you could have enjoyed the soundtrack he scored for the 2015 French crime-drama Dheepan. Regardless of how you know him, the point remains: He’s done (and is doing) quite a lot, and to think, he’s only 26 years old! In September, the Chilean-American young’un, who likes to speckle Spanish into his compositions, released his second studio album, Sirens, a mere six-track record filled with bizarre, off-kilter sounds that are so advanced and outré that Pitchfork described them as “high art.” A man of many talents, it’s clear that Jaar is on a mission to make hard-to-categorize music that truly sounds like nothing else out there.

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