Riff Raff @ Social Hall

(Jodyhighroller.com – artist’s website)

It’s hard not to admire Riff Raff. The 34-year-old dude — born Horst Christian Simco — grew up in a shitty suburb outside of Houston, the second-oldest of four children in a blue-collar family where his mom worked as a maid and his dad, a Vietnam War veteran with severe PTSD, worked at Walmart. Young Riff Raff’s dream was to become a professional basketball player, and he played on both his high school’s and community college’s teams (both of which he never graduated from), before deciding he wanted to do music instead. Fast-forward a dozen years, and the blond, blue-eyed rapper is at the height of his fame. He’s homies with Justin Bieber — who once gave him a gold chain — and his ratchet, arguably black-appropriated look is so beloved that James Franco copied it for his character in Spring Breakers. High school dropout though he may be, he even penned a DJ Mustard-produced song called “How To Be The Man,” which has been played almost 3 million times on Spotify. But perhaps his most famous song — and the track that encapsulates this self-proclaimed “white Eddie Murphy” best — is the track, “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz,” a relatively simple, keyboard-pierced track wrapped around the premise of tip-toeing while wearing Nike Jordans so as not to get them dirty. Now that’s what you call having your priorities straight.

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