Russ @ the Fox Theater

There’s two sides to the 24-year-old rapper Russ: the thick-skinned macho rapper, and the slow-jam crooner who sounds not unlike a hybrid of Post Malone and G-Eazy. I’ll admit, I’m partial to the former (listen to “Willy Wonka” for a taste), but if there’s anything to be learned in this post-Drake world, it’s that it’s OK to be both a quick-spitting emcee and a mooshy, all-in-your-feelings singer.

Since 2011, the Sicilian — who, fun fact, has different-colored eyes — has been churning out mixtapes, racking up a total of eight, although in the last few years he’s put out mainly singles.

In 2016, he signed to Columbia Records, and now he’s started this year off with a bang by pissing off a lot of fans and artists in a filmed interview with Vlad TV wherein he claims that most famous rappers “are broke” and “it’s really not what the fuck it looks like.”

At 8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 16, atthe Fox Theater. $29.50;

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