Sevyn Streeter @ the New Parish

(Photo by Dennis Leupold)

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and well, the same goes for songs. Don’t judge a song by its title, no matter how dumb, silly, boring, or nebulous it may be. Take, for instance, the R&B-meets-pop ditty “B.A.N.S.” from Sevyn Streeter. Stupid name, right? Well, it actually stands for “Bitch Ass Nigga Shit.” Interested now? I thought so.

Though it’s by no means one of Streeter’s more popular tracks, the lush electronic number perfectly showcases the 30-year-old’s vocal chops, and it’s pretty freaking great when performed live. In fact, Streeter is a fantastic live performer, thanks to her muscular voice (which sounds drop-dead amazing IRL) and entertaining stage presence, which she developed at an early age while singing in the now-defunct girl bands TG4 and RichGirl.

Streeter is also a talented songwriter, penning tracks for the likes of Usher, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Rowland, to name a few, and she has a long history of collaborating with Chris Brown, with whom she teamed up in 2013 for her hit single “It Won’t Stop.” She has yet to release her debut album — which is supposed to come out sometime this spring — so until then, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s full of tracks as good as “B.A.N.S.” and “It Won’t Stop.”

Sevyn Streeter
At 9 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 9, at New Parish. $18-$22;

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