Snarky Puppy @ SF Jazz

(Photo by Eric Gerber/Royal Artist Group)

This Billboard-charting, 13-year-old, and also (roughly) 13-person band has proved that you can go a long way if you have an LOL-inducing name and a variety of genres to pull from. With two Grammy Awards under its belt, Snarky Puppy, which will be performing at the SFJazz Gala After Jam, combines jazz, soul, funk, pop, and world music into whirlwind recordings that are so dense and complex they regularly clock in at more than 10 minutes in length. As its name suggests, Snarky Puppy doesn’t follow most rules. The band isn’t concocting radio-friendly hits, but rather minute works of art that are so textured and detailed you’ll need more than a few listens to catch all the subtleties and hidden gems, like the soft, plaintive peals of Mike Maher’s flugelhorn.

Snarky Puppy with David Crosby and Red Baraat, at 9:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 18, at SFJazz. $70-$145;

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