STS9 @ the Masonic and the Fillmore

(aLIVE Coverage)

Listen to any of STS9’s 11 albums, and the sky’s the limit in terms of what you’ll hear, be it rock, electronic, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, or hip-hop. Just don’t expect one thing: vocals. This wholly instrumental band from Georgia has done a lot of things in the roughly 20 years it’s been around, but adding words to its self-described “post-rock dance music” isn’t one of them. Not that the band’s members haven’t collaborated with other artists, at least during live shows, like Jay Z whom they performed with in Denver in 2010. This is also not a band of individual musicians; a group mentality is part of STS9’s ethos, and you can hear it in the quintet’s full-band rhythms and noticeable lack of solos. Though they primarily play festivals these days, STS9 still finds time to churn out live DVDs and release music through their own label, 1320 Records. Be forewarned: Though they’re playing two shows this coming weekend, you can only purchase a two-day ticket for both shows on Saturday and Sunday nights and not just individual tickets for each show, per the band’s request.

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