The Hunna @ The Fillmore

(Haris Nukem)

If The Hunna are new to you, I suggest listening to “Still Got Blood” as an entree to the British indie-rock newcomers. Buried in the middle of their 2016 debut 100, the raw and emotive track is a flurry of wild, yet restrained chords, bassy undertones, and lead singer Ryan Potter’s achingly beautiful wail-of-a-voice. The album fluctuates between rambunctious bangers (like drum-heavy “Bonfire”) and slower, toned-down cuts (like “She’s Casual,” a mediation on one-night stands) that showcase the fledgling quartet’s multifacetedness, even if the transitions from fast-to-slow songs fuck with your pulse a bit. With their unbridled punk energy and pop-aligned melodies, the Hunna are by no means doing anything new, but they sure are doing it well. And it’s a good thing they’re British because Potter’s high-pitched vocals would be a lot less interesting sans the accent.

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